8 Reasons why your School should Pledge a bold Resolution to Teach Kids to Code

What will school be doing in the next academic session? Football, dance, Painting – or coding? Though not yet part of school curricula, computer coding is becoming increasingly popular as an extra-curricular activity. And it’s more than just a fad… 

1. Majority of the education planners of the nation believe that Computer programming should be necessary for students to learn as we’re trailing most of the developed world.

2. In addition to supporting Computer programming, we can all help prepare our children for the 21st century by growing participation in this field. The best way to do this is to have the entire school participate in “teaching code to kids” revolution. 

3. The beauty of enlightening the future lies in teaching code to kids. With concerns about poor digital literacy in Indian schools, the aim is to move the generation of tomorrow from consumers of technology to creators and producers. Coding enables students to build interactive apps for mobiles, dynamic websites and creative games.

4. Children aged from six through to Year 12 are more curious to learn a range of tech development skills.

5. Learning to code demystifies tech in a way that empowers and enlightens. Maybe all born with a capacity to think in code—and perhaps it’s time students take advantage of that awesome power. If one of these students goes on to create the next Google or Facebook, it’ll be a huge win for the nation.” 

6. When the children start coding they realize that every digital tool they have ever used involved lines of code just like the ones they’re writing.

7. Knowing how to code will improve the life of students even if they don’t ever program anything useful. Even knowing just a little coding can help reduce the fear of technology, opening a mental window to understanding and using tech skills more broadly. There’s also the argument, propounded by Steve Jobs himself, that coding “teaches you how to think.” By teaching code to children at an early age, they become confident, creative, problem solvers and critical thinkers.” 

8. The programming languages may be the most important second language a child will ever learn. Of course, not every child wants a career as a programmer, but learning coding is a valuable life skill for everyone.


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