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Codevidhya is an EdTech group that enables kids from the age of 6 to 16 to learn Coding Skills. Join the Global Coding Movement and Code-To-Decode your future. Enhance a child’s Computational Thinking & Problem Solving abilities to build prodigies in the Digital Economy we are growing in!

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Benefits of Coding for Kids

Skill Development

Coding at an early age set kids up with a variety of skills. It upscales their aptitude, improves reasoning, and stimulates computational thinking skills. Coding enables kids to think like computers and helps them solve problems with ease.

Rejuvenation of the Mind

Coding opens up your mind. It activates the brain’s learning centers. Learning a Programming Language shapes the way your kid thinks and acts in the real world too. In either way, it strengthens a kid’s brain health to a great extent.

Academic Excellence

Coding is more than a skill for a kid. It changes the way they think. And it has the wonder to improve a kid’s academic performance to a huge extent. Kids who code think critically, which makes it easier for them to overcome challenges logically.

Makes your Kid Future Ready

As we have already entered a digital age, the future has a lot to offer our kids. Knowing a digital skill will set kids ahead of their race. If you want your kids to be prepared for the future, teaching them to code is not a choice but a necessity.

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About Us

5 Years of Industry Experience

Codevidhya is India’s first company that introduced Coding e-learning. We have grown to educate 35,000 #YoungKeenCoders in our curated Codevidhya Annual School Curriculum alone.

Our #YoungKeenCoders grew to blossom into Global Award-winning Coders at competitions such as the Google Code to Learn Contest. Our scientifically developed curriculum is moulded to effectively educate children from the age of 6-16 years of age.

Codevidhya’s research and expertise curate a large variety of well-researched and structured curriculums and programs that ensures students’ smooth transition into Coding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codevidhya?

Codevidhya is an EdTech company that provides online coding classes for kids. In Hindi, Vidhya means Knowledge. In reference to that, Codevidhya aims to deliver coding knowledge to kids. We mainly focus on coding for school kids. Parents can book a free coding class for kids and learn more about how we provide our online courses

What are Codevidhya’s online live coding classes?

Our online coding classes are curated for kids from the age of 6-16. We have various kid’s coding courses. Our trainers give live coding classes which happen face to face and not just pre-recorded sessions. We enlighten the young generation about the importance of computer science in today’s world.

Why is coding for kids important?

The importance of coding for kids is beyond our imagination. Kids coding today will become creators of technology tomorrow. Our coding classes for kids will help them achieve skills other than just coding. It will imbibe skills such as critical thinking, cognitive skills, and many other life skills which will help them in their future careers. Coding builds a strong foundation in other STEM subjects.

What is the right age for kids to start coding?

Kids can start coding right from the age of 6. Our trainers teach kids coding online in the most personalized way to suit the needs of kids from different age groups.

What online programming courses does Codevidhya offer?

We offer courses in multiple programming languages. We have Scratch to learn the basics of coding, a block-based coding language. Then we have App Development and Web Development Courses that will help in software development jobs in the future. We also have an online python course for kids and an AI Course for kids that helps in domains like Machine Learning.

How to book an online coding demo class?

We offer a free coding class for kids. For that, parents have to fill a form and our team will get back to them to schedule a hassle-free Live Demo Class for kids.

What other skills does coding teach kids?

Starting to code early imbibes a strong foundation of cognitive skills, logical, and mathematical thinking skills. These skills are beneficial for any kid. irrespective of their educational background.

Are these classes always Live?

Yes, we offer personalized and live online coding classes for kids.

Is coding for school kids relevant?

Yes, absolutely! Coding or Online programming courses for kids are important because it is one of the most in-demand skills in the current generation. Also, it is fun and engaging to learn. And lastly, it gives a kid many other interpersonal skills.

What are the minimum requirements to join Codevidhya’s online coding classes?

A  laptop/desktop computer, a webcam, and a stable internet connection are all you need to get started with our classes.


Our Mission

To enable Students to Create; using Technology leading to Entrepreneurship eventually


Our Vision

To be a Global Powerhouse of Skill Development for tomorrow’s world.

Why Coding for Kids?

We are currently transitioning into a Digital Economy. Coding is the new literacy. When we look around us, we already see a growing technological presence – taking advantage and being a first mover into Coding, as a young student, will prove as a highly advantageous investment soon!

Stimulates Critical Thinking

Drives Innovation

Develops Problem Solving & Thinking Skills

Computational Skills


Customer Support

Learning is 24/7 and so is our active Customer Support team. Rescheduling classes and query resolution is super easy and flexible. We are always available for you.


Live Classes

Live tutoring sessions where our specialist educators dedicate their time and knowledge to a #YoungKeenCoder is a major e-learning benefit.



We are committed to prepare the young generation with future-ready life skills by teaching them to Code. We believe in making the new generation creators.

Join the Global Coding Movement as a Young Keen Coder today!



Training hours

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Curated courses handpicked and designed for young students are made flexible, easy, and convenient. Be it live interactive sessions, programs, any changes in class schedules you want to order, 24/7 customer service – students can do it all from their homes. This saves them time and effort in traveling while helping them maintain a flexible and healthy learning schedule.

Online classes are held on our easy-to-use, flexible website designed to teach young students Coding in a smooth and effective way.

We ensure multiple functionalities to make students feel like they are in the comfort of a traditional yet interesting, and innovative class.

Participate In The Global Coding Movement Today!

First Mover Advantage is a rule of thumb that has been proved over history by the world’s most successful people. Students who learn the New Literacy – Coding, stay ahead of the game and develop innovative mindsets. Any Coding language is a highly valuable skill, and will increase in value. The world’s best companies to work with are all looking for such mindsets, and business developers belong to this same group of highly technologically-skilled innovative individuals. Sign up for the Code of your choice to learn more.