Codevidhya Program for Schools

Codevidhya offers Coding Program to Schools, a necessary and complete package to convert the classrooms into programming powerhouses. Codevidhya program includes futuristic coding curriculum, Workshops, Teachers Training, Assessments and Code Challenges for students. Students will have access to Online Tools to follow Learn By Doing approach for effective implementation of the program from day one.

Reasons Why Educators Love Codevidhya

We are here to develop skills in students and hence are adding value to education. Educators now have an impactful tool- Codevidhya to add more value to education.

Step-By-Step Curriculum

Helps students to develop critical problem-solving and logical-thinking skills, with our engaging and ready-to-use curriculum.

STEM Courses

Jobs in tech industry are growing and expanding with an accelerating pace. Computer Science is highest in demand and highest paying. STEM major and coding is one among the required skill that is taught in STEM courses. More than half of all the STEM jobs are projected to be in Computer Science.

Efficacious Teaching Tools and Resources

Codevidhya program has everything you need to run your class including rosters, progress tracking, syllabus bifurcation, exercises, problem guides, lesson plans, and much more.

Professional Development Program for Teachers

Codevidhya has professional development program for teachers who do not have Computer Science background or experience but are passionate to teach coding to students. For this program, teachers are not required to have degree in Computer Science.

Trainings for Teachers

Codevidhya has formulated specialized training for Computer Science teachers which is conducted at the beginning of the program and whenever required. This ensures smooth and proper delivery of content to the students by the teachers.

Amazing Support

A dedicated round-the-clock support to schools using various online and offline means is a major USP of Codevidhya. Teachers can feel free to discuss and talk to us whenever they want. We are always available to help and support them.

Year Long Program

Year long program for schools that puts together coding curriculum and basics of Computer Science in a very intricately balanced manner. It does away with the need to teach Computer basics separately to students. This makes the program reasonable and feasible for every school.

For Students

Curriclum Book


  • Code Challenges
  • Hour of Code
  • Online Assessments / Quizzes / Challenges

Digital Content

  • CodePlay Access (online workspace for projects)
  • Project Mentoring
  • Skill Certificate at the end of session

For School

Program Monitoring

End to End Support

For Teachers

  Professional Development Program (Online)
  QuickBook- Classroom Resource
  Lesson Planning / Quizzes / Challenges
  Digital Content
  CodePlay Access (online workspace for projects)
  End to End Support
  Certification (Codevidhya Certified Teachers)

Codevidhya Summer Camp/ Camp

Making Summer Days Cool by integrating cool stuffs in learning basket. Our Summer Camp is a total combo of learning and exploring new techs by doing hands on practices.

#For summer camps, we provide tutors to schools. The camp duration is 10 days to 45 days which may vary depending upon school.

For Students

Hands on Practice

Live Project

CodePlay Access for a year (online workspace for projects)

Project Mentoring

Certificate to students at the end of Camp

Curriculum/ Activities

Android App Development

Website Development 

Blog Writing

Animations with Scratch

# Curriculum vary according to age group. Depending upon School’s goal and duration, the curriculum may be customized.

Why Should We Teach Coding Today?

In this digital era, every second job is tech job and our schools are still teaching only simple operations like left clicking – right clicking the mouse which students can learn easily in no time. We need to add life skills to students and make them ready for future jobs. After all Coding is the next level of literacy!

Coding: Not only a skill but also an Entrepreneurship

Teaching Kids to Code is more than coding skills. It stimulates idea generation in kids and leads them to be future innovators.

Coding: Drives Innovation

We are in robotic era where from self-driving cars and robot-assisted surgery to social media, Computer Science is revolutionizing every aspect of our life. Coding is a fundamental skill that kids need to learn today so, they can lead the future.

‘‘The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want
to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think
they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

-Steven Anthony Ballmer (Former CEO of Microsoft, Jan. 2000 – Feb. 2014)

Coding: Teaches kids how to think

Kids learn how to think and solve logical problems while programming. I think everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. – Steve Jobs

Coding: Best when learned early

Learning to code is similar to learning a new language. Sooner the children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts.

Coding is one of the most used languages in the world. In this era, where most jobs involve programming and dealing with software, coding has now become the most popular language worldwide. Considering this picture in mind, we should start teaching coding as a part of literacy in the digital era.

By 2024, more than
jobs will come online.

of all STEM jobs are in Computer Science field.

parents want their child’s school to teach Computer Science and required technological skills that help them to get high skilled and paying jobs.

However, only 1 out of every 300 Indian schools is offering Computer Science Programming to their students.

Considering Gender-gap in 2018, only 23% of students taking the AP CS exam were Girls.

Most Coding jobs are projected to grow faster than all other jobs in next 10 years.

The biggest benefit of Coding is *Computational Thinking

*Computational Thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamental to Computer Science.

Computational Thinking is equal to the development of Computer Application but it can also be used to support problem-solving ability across all disciplines including Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. Students who learn Computational Thinking in their curriculum can begin to see a relationship between subjects as well as between school and life outside of it.

Crucial Coding Skills

Producing future leaders by stimulating Crucial Coding Skills as early as in Grade 1; which is rare in this digital generation.


Coding makes kids to think like a Computer - solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamental to Computer Science.


Making students optimistic towards real world problems and enabling them to solve the problems with the use of technology.


Coding emphasize kids to analyse the problems and create logics to solve them.


Champs are Learning to Code with Codevidhya


Small Projects Made by Champs



Educating Educators

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