Codevidhya for Schools

Codevidhya Program for Schools

Our Approach….Why we should teach kids to code today?

Codevidhya Academic Program is a collaborative program in association with schools to teach 21st Century necessary skills to young generation. Codevidhya offers a well researched Computer Programming curriculum with innovative tools to schools. The Coding Curriculum is designed by experienced IT professionals.


Codevidhya for Schools means to add a new vision to the schools that are going to be a part of this program and accepting Global Education System. More than 80% of schools of European nations are teaching coding as a necessary curriculum in their school from just grade 2 or 3.

Coding is the 21st century necessary skill that make kids to Learn, Think and Execute. It develops the critical logical thinking and execution skills in students and therefore the developed nations are teaching coding to kids in early age to prepare their young generation for future challenges.

The future will be written by code.

In the era of technology in this 21st century, the Codevidhya Program empowers our young generation with the necessary skills of future, that can make them job oriented too.

The developing countries (like India) need to develop a lot of things. But we don’t have skilled manpower to do this. This problem will take a huge size if we will not technically educate our young generation from today.

About Program

Codevidhya Academic Program is implemented after two years of intensive research. It is a computer programming (coding) based curriculum specifically designed for schools from grades 4th to 12th. It is a full year program that works in collaboration with school and the company.

The curriculum is based on Learn By Doing approach which means the students will learn by doing the things (coding) practically and execute. There is no more theory that just forces students to only remember things. Students get the challenges, small projects and they learn by creating the new one and editing the existing one.

This Codevidhya program covers all the basics of coding curriculum. It doesn’t leave students with just few of the basic knowledge and also give advantage to schools implementing this curriculum. Parents are also demanding the coding skill to be taught to their child in schools.

How it works

Codevidhya Curriculum Books

Codevidhya Curriculum Books for students from grades 4th to 10th are based on ``Learn By Doing`` concept. These books boost students practical creativity to make sense of what they are learning.

Certified Teachers Training

A six days of initial training is given to the teachers based on the Codevidhya curriculum. Three days of training on the program and the tools which are available to them and rest three days of training on program curriculum.

Online Assessment and Code Challenge

Online assessments are conducted in between the session for tracking the progress of students. A dedicated platform is there to facilitate the students to attempt online code challenges whenever they want.

Professional Development for Teachers

An online Professional Development program is there for the teachers who are passionate to teach Computer Science but do not have core programming background or necessary programming skill. No previous experience is required to attend the professional development course.

Hour of Code, Workshops

Events like Hour of Code, Coding Week and Learning Exchange Event are organised in between the session for students. The winning students get Hour of Code certificate and logo Tshirt from Codevidhya.

Online Resources, Amazing Support

Codevidhya has developed a set of online tools and resources to provide ideal platform to every 21st century learner. An online community is also there to help the students and teachers in their projects and other stuffs.

Online Resources

Professional Development for Teachers

Codeplay – Online IDE


Assessments /Quiz

Code Challenges

Community Support

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