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The Codevidhya curriculum is specifically designed for schools which remains effective for the whole session. This curriculum teaches students the applicable Computer Science skills with a focus to develop problem solving and computational thinking skills in them. This makes students to grow up with both knowledge of professional programming languages and with the conceptual understanding of learning new languages.


The conventional methods of merely testing memory power aren’t enough. The future demands new ideas that can be executed to change our life successively. Enabling students with creative, analytical, scientific and design thinking skills is crucial to prepare them for any type of challenge that yet not come. Codevidhya understands this need and hence undertaken this initiative to teach, prepare and mentor school students to enable them to innovate ahead of their time.

  •  Developed by Educators and Programming Experts
  •  Teaches Computational Thinking
  •  Cultivates Creativity
  •  Personalized to Meet Students Need
  •  Drawn from the new Computer Science Framework

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Learn the Latest and Futuristic

Technology is transforming too fast. Our curriculum is designed with the futuristic approach so that when the students will come out of academics for job, they will found a familiar tech environment. It will help them to grab the jobs from the day one.


Smooth Start! Easy to learn! Coding for beginners! Learn coding concepts by simply attaching blocks together.


Web Development Resources! Start creating beautiful interactive web pages using HTML and CSS with ease.


Ease of use! No setup required! One of the most versatile language! Learn and use JavaScript to code applications for browser, desktop, phone or tablet.


High-level, interpreted, general purpose programming language! Python is an Interactive, Portable and Dynamic language.


Most popular open source Relational Database. Runs virtually on all platforms, including Linux, Unix and Windows. Use MySQL for adding, accessing and managing content in database and connect to your website, application or any other software.

Learning Pathway

Level Platform Mode Course
Beginner Codevidhya, Scratch Online, Offline
  • Core Concepts, Introduction to coding.
  • Coding Blocks, Sequences, Applying blocks and Running code.
  • Conversion of computing ideas into coding blocks.
  • Website Design, Layout and Front-end development.
Medium Codevidhya Online, Offline
  • Website Design, Layout and Front-end development.
  • Creative Designing of webpages.
  • Algorithm, Programming Concepts, Logical-thinking, Sequence and Decision Making.
  • Introduction to JavaScript, Database and MySQL.
Senior Codevidhya Online, Offline
  • Introduction to Python language.
  • MySQL with Python.
  • Ideation and Project development.

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