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Codevidhya offers future ready coding curriculum to schools for educating the new generation and preparing them for the challenges of 21st century. All students of this century must have the opportunity to learn coding right from the elementary level. Learning to code is not only about learning a skill, but it is also creating future creators. Teaching coding is mainly about stimulating Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking and developing Crucial Coding Skills in kids that are essential in this digital age.

Today’s teens are the graduating class of 2025. Are we preparing them for the future?

We at Codevidhya, are teaching kids to Code by associating with schools. Codevidhya offers a future ready Coding Curriculum to schools with innovative tools, for maximum support. This curriculum is effective from Grade 1 to Grade 10 as of now.

Coding- The Future

We all are surrounded by technology and computing devices, from home to workplace. Technology has become indispensable part of our modern life. So, learning to Code is not only about stimulating crucial computational thinking skills but also about inculcating entrepreneurship into tiny champs.

Coding- It's about creating Creators

Coding is among the most used languages in the world. Instead of only teaching interfacing with computing devices, we need to teach this new generation how they can create new technologies.

Codevidhya has everything you need to convert your classroom into programming powerhouse.

Codevidhya Program for your School

  • Curriculum Books
  • Training for Teachers
  • Assessments
  • Set of Workshops
  • Hour of Code
  • Online Resources
  • Code Challenges
  • Certification
  • Program Monitoring
  • Hand Hold Support

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Why do we need to Teach Coding to Kids?

In this digital era, every second job is tech job and our schools are still teaching only simple operations like left clicking – right clicking the mouse which students can learn easily in no time. We need to impart life skills to students and make them ready for future jobs. After all Coding is the next level of literacy!

Coding: Not only a skill but also Entrepreneurship

Teaching Kids to Code is more than just developing coding skills. It stimulates idea generation in kids and leads them to be future innovators.

Coding: Drives Innovation

We are in robotic era where from self-driving cars and robot-assisted surgery to social media, Computer Science is revolutionizing every aspect of our life. Coding is a fundamental skill that kids need to learn today so they can lead the future.

‘‘The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think
they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

-Steven Anthony Ballmer (Former CEO of Microsoft, Jan. 2000 – Feb. 2014)

Coding: Teaches kids how to think

Kids learn how to think and solve logical problems while programming. I think everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. – Steve Jobs

Coding: Best when learned early

Learning to code is similar to learning a new language. Sooner the children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts.

Curriculum for Educators

Futuristic Curriculum, Learn by Doing Approach, Regular Training and Support

Step-By-Step Curriculum

Curriculum designed for every school and for every student. Every student will be able to learn coding irrespective of the academic background. The programming content is levelled up according to grades by considering the learning ability of students.

Project Based Learning

Curriculum deeply integrated with online resources, gives students and teachers a platform where they can learn efficiently and develop projects from day one.

Teachers Training

Extensive enough teachers trainings and workshop sessions for schools to aid easy teaching and smooth delivery of content by teachers.

Code Challenges, Assessments, Hour Of Code

We understand the curiosity of students while learning to code. Every year, Code Challanges come up with new tasks that bring enthusiasm in students. Students wait for the challenges to solve them. Online assessments are conducted quarterly to track progress of students. Worldwide celebrated Hour of Code event is conducted for a week every year, which is dedicated to Computer Science.

Regular Program Monitoring

Codevidhya cares for your school. Program monitoring on regular basis is there for your school to keep in touch with students, teachers and management of the school and to assist them to ensure smooth program flow.

Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development program for teachers to develop and enhance their skills, required to teach coding in schools. Codevidhya offers a variety of free and paid training programs based on the requirement. No previous coding experience or Computer Science background is mandatory.

Loved by Learners, Educators and Mentors

“We come in and the students start working on their code. We are self paced and they start where they left off from the last class. Some students that are further along will assist others in writing or solving the code problem. It is great to see peer review and assistance. The students are teaching each other. I have set milestones to check progress, but students seem to breeze by these most of the time. I usually have to tell the students it is time to go at the end of class, because they want to stay and finish.”


Educator, Entrepreneur
“The curriculum and support resources have been exceptional! Found out a former student who did Codevidhya and then went on to programming in college tested out of his intro course. ”


Euro International School, Sikar

Codevidhya is amazing! I found it very useful. I am very thankful to Codevidhya, our School Management and our Computer Science teachers who introduced coding to us.

Sonu Siyak


“ It is AWESOME. I LOVE IT. It is really interesting. I sat at my computer 3 hrs. straight and couldn’t get my eyes off of it until my parents told me it was enough. . THANKS CODEVIDHYA for introducing coding that too in such in interesting manner!”


It’s amazing to be a part of team Codevidhya. This 21st century life skill is surely going to change the lives of many. Earlier we were just users of technology, it is, indeed, thrilling concept to be the creators of technology. Let’s create creators , let’s code.


It’s amazing, the team is working hard to materialise the dream of digital India ! Code to decode your bright future.


Euro International School, Sikar

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