Coding Curriculum for Kids

We mentor young learners to thrive in this new world, providing education that equips them with future skills and empowers them to become architects of their own lives.
Our comprehensive coding curriculum, designed by industry experts, caters to individual learners through live 1:1 online classes and extends to schools with a unique offline curriculum.

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Classroom Coding Curriculum

Our contemporary coding curriculum effortlessly integrates into school classrooms, eliminating the need for outdated computer science textbooks.

Beyond the curriculum, we ensure seamless implementation by offering teacher training, student induction, parent orientation, and much more.

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1:1 Classes

Unlock personalised 1:1 live learning for your child, tailored to maximise their potential.

Catering to ages 6 to 16, our diverse courses range from beginner levels like Scratch, App and Web Development, to advanced subjects like Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

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Benefits of Coding for Kids

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Boosts Logical Thinking & Problem-Solving

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Improves Academic Perdormance

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Make Kids Future Ready

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Enhances Coding Quotient

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Develops Creativity & Imagination

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Builds Collaboration Skills

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Codevidhya is an Edtech company that aims to facilitate young minds into the coding world. Our integral vision as an organization is to help kids learn, adapt and conquer the demanding future of 21st-century skills. We provide a knowledgeable yet fun-filled platform for young coders to ace and master the skill of coding. The team parallelly works to nurture skill development as regards creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and much more. Our well-thought-out curriculum keeps in mind the important aspect of brain development thus motivating children to not only understand coding but also fall in love with its concept and creation.

User Friendly Interface

Our School LMS is created with users in mind. Anyone with basic knowledge in computers and email can start using an application within a few minutes of their first login. The User Interface of LMS school software being easy to use and quite interactive facilitates different users at school to manage operations efficiently without any technical help from an engineer.

Excellent Client Support

We believe in providing better assistance along with satisfying resolutions for any software issues. Also, we have a team of dedicated technical support for the parent help desk, to resolve parent's queries, whether it is about issues in logging to the portal or other fee-related issues. We ensure that the issues get resolved at the earliest with higher rates of contentment. Codevidhya’s School LMS is one stop solution that makes the process run smoothly and builds credibility.

Anytime and Anywhere Accessbility

The cloud based technology allows the Codevidhya LMS to be used anywhere anytime. All that is required is the internet connection.


Leading Schools that we Serve

What is Codevidhya?

Codevidhya is an EdTech company that provides online coding classes for kids. In Hindi, Vidhya means Knowledge. In reference to that, Codevidhya aims to deliver coding knowledge to kids. We mainly focus on coding for school kids. Parents can book a free coding class for kids and learn more about how we provide our online courses

Why is coding for kids important?

The importance of coding for kids is beyond our imagination. Kids coding today will become creators of technology tomorrow. Our coding books for kids will help them achieve skills other than just coding. It will imbibe skills such as critical thinking, cognitive skills, and many other life skills which will help them in their future careers. Coding builds a strong foundation in other STEM subjects.

Is coding for school kids relevant?

Yes, absolutely! Our books for kids are important because it is one of the most in-demand skills in the current generation. Also, it is fun and engaging to learn. And lastly, it gives a kid many other interpersonal skills.

Are the Codevidhya books aligned with school curriculums?

Our books are designed to align with various school curriculums, including the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. They complement and enhance the existing educational framework, making it easier for teachers to integrate coding into their classes.

What support does Codevidhya provide for teachers implementing the program?

Codevidhya provides training sessions and resources for teachers to effectively implement the program. Additionally, our support team is available to answer any queries and provide assistance throughout the implementation process.

How are the classes structured?

Classes are typically structured in a modular format, covering specific topics and projects to ensure a progressive and engaging learning experience.

What coding languages or platforms do you teach?

We focus on teaching foundational programming concepts using languages like Scratch, Python, and JavaScript, along with platforms suitable for young learners.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio in your classes?

We maintain a 1:1 teacher-to-student ratio to ensure personalized attention and effective learning.

What age group is your coding program designed for?

Our coding programs are tailored for kids aged [5-14], ensuring age-appropriate content and engagement.

Do kids need any prior coding experience to join your programs?

No prior experience is required. Our programs are designed for beginners and cater to a wide range of skill levels.

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First Mover Advantage is a rule of thumb that has been proved over history by the world’s most successful people. Students who learn the New Literacy – Coding, stay ahead of the game and develop innovative mindsets.

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