Code of Honour

Meet the real gems of Codevidhya. The Code of Honour features the achievers of today, creators of tomorrow. Honoring these young superstars will encourage more and more kids to join the coding movement that we have started all over the world.


Meet Ananya, a 6-year-old kid from Germany and one of our most brilliant coders. She took Python Coding Course and built a project on the same. Her excellence later took her to participate in Microsoft Technology Associate’s Python Exam. She passed the exam with great glory.

We wish Ananya a very bright future in her coding journey and every voyage she takes. And also hope that her interests motivate other kids to learn coding from an early age.


Joshua Barre is a coding prodigy. He feels that every child should learn to code. It will help us know the real magic behind computers. Coding has helped Joshua improve his thinking abilities. It helped him get better marks in STEM subjects too.

He took the 100 Python class, which was a great experience for him. The practice tests and projects made his journey even better. Overall, it was a great learning experience. His knowledge in Python took him to excel in the Microsoft Technology Associate’s Python Exam.

We wish Joshua all the best for his future endeavors and hope that his motivation drives many other kids to code.