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Teaching children to code is one of the best decisions made by parents today. Prepare your kid for their future by booking a hassle-free coding class now.

Scratch Coding Classes (Age 6-8)

60 hours of coaching, 3 levels of mastery from beginner to expert. Our Scratch coding class will be the best fit for the students who are new to the world of programming. With interactive projects, practicals, and curated curriculums, this coding course will perfectly decode every student’s future needs.

App & Web Development Classes (Age 9-12)

Create mobile applications or websites with our App & Web Development classes. Schedule a free demo with us to get ahead of the game. Your child will learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript when you enroll for the complete course. This course will enhance every child’s thinking and problem-solving skills.

Artificial Intelligence Classes (Age 10-12)

The most evolving domain in the tech industry, Artificial Intelligence, is known for its immense possibilities to help ease the struggles of the lives of many people. Teaching AI and Machine Learning will not only offer a headstart to many students starting college but also prepare them for a digitally controlled future.

Python Coding Classes (Age 13-16)

Python is one of the easiest coding languages known till now. This language has its use in different industries like technology, medical, manufacturing, etc. The personalized curriculums of this course will serve as a great start for the students who are totally new to programming. Book a free Python coding class today.

General Questions


How do I register my child with Codevidhya?

You will receive a call back from our counselors once you complete a free demo from our website. They will help you understand the pricing and next steps.

How are the classes conducted?

We conduct our classes through live online teaching where our experts constantly engage with the kids.

What happens if my child misses a session?

We actively provide compensation classes in case a class is missed due to unavoidable reasons. We take full ownership and accountability for the learning outcomes of our students.

How long is the coding program for?

The programs are curated with varying levels and duration of sessions.

Who are the trainers at Codevidhya?

Our trainers are passionate individuals who feel teaching is their calling. With regular internal training sessions for our trainers, we ensure a high level of professionalism, student engagement, and technical knowledge. Most trainers come from top educational backgrounds with degrees from top universities from India and abroad.

Can I reschedule my child's free coding class?

Yes! Once you complete the booking process, you receive a confirmation mail which includes the rescheduling link as well.

Let’s Learn Together! 

Skill up your child, introduce them to the world of coding and help them become digitally literate in the economy we are living in. Learn Coding, Join Codevidhya.