Web Development for Kids

This exclusive level based, easy to grasp and detailed Web Development course is the perfect go-to solution if you want to master the art of coding. Codevidhya’s Web Development course is the next stepping stone after block coding to your coding journey.

Learning Outcome


Higher understanding of Programming Fundamentals

Complete understanding of Web Development

Complete understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Developing Websites for Schools, Business and Social Causes

Ability to use Logical Loops and Conditionals in JavaScript for making Websites

I can’t believe how fast my test scores improved!”

This 40 Hours course starts from very basic awareness of Web Development through basic CSS and HTML, further moving towards advance CSS and HTML and finally to imbibing JavaScript into your Websites and Applications to make them more dynamic and attractive.
This exclusive level based, easy to grasp and detailed course is the perfect go-to solution if you want to master the Art of Coding.


  • Laptop/PC with Webcam
  • Active & Stable Internet Connection
  • Zeal to Learn!

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I am more than happy that my 7 year old little girl can create stories and games. She has become an expert at operating a computer now. Thank you Codevidhya for making my kid so creative.

I was wishing to create my own website for myself. Some of the developers out there were asking a lot for a few simple pages. My 12 year old did it in a jiffy. Awesome work, Codevidhya. I am thoroughly impressed.

We as parents have seen a lot of difference in the way our child approaches technology and in her awareness. Thank you codevidhya for making this happen.

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