About Codevidhya

Codevidhya is an Edtech company highly inspired by technology to facilitate technical education besides contemporary learning. We at Codevidhya, are dedicated to exploring the new future of young minds through integrating learning with creativity, sharing, and collaboration. We develop the concepts to help understand the future needs, to make the complex learning easy with effective tools and techniques. We are committed to building the theme of new learning blended with learning interests. We provide a learning environment that works on education empowered with technology and unconditional learning solutions.

To engage in such activities, we have a comprehensive set of plans indispensable to shape the upcoming creators. We have deep insight to make happen, which is impossible today. We believe in making the new generation the creators instead of being just the users of technology. And so, we are empowering our new generation to innovate by teaching them coding as 21st Century necessary skill. Our aim is to prepare the young generation the future-ready.

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home, at your own time and pace


Assignments & Practice

Quizzes, puzzles, games and more – Codevidhya crafts courses for children from the age of 6-16 years of age


Real Time Discussions

Live classes in the form of personal tutoring ensure students receive special and exclusive attention and additional assistance from their mentors

Strong Community

Join our #YoungKeenCoders and Affiliate Schools in growing as one of India’s largest community of student coders1

Expert Tutors

Receive specialised training in coding by trained educators. We handpick the best teachers from our rigorous hiring process.

Online Tutoring

Learning never stops, and this is especially true when it comes to e-learning. Codevidhya ensures flexibility and fun ways of learning to keep you engaged.

Our Focus

Codevidhya empowers young students in Coding – the Future Language. We prepare them as they step into the Digital Economy. We enable them to grasp coding from a young age in order for them to hone their skill in time.

Live 1:1 Coding Classes

School Programs

After School Program

Club Activities

Participate In The Global Coding Movement Today!

First Mover Advantage is a rule of thumb that has been proved over history by the world’s most successful people. Students who learn the New Literacy – Coding, stay ahead of the game and develop innovative mindsets. Any Coding language is a highly valuable skill, and will increase in value. The world’s best companies to work with are all looking for such mindsets, and business developers belong to this same group of highly technologically-skilled innovative individuals. Sign up for the Code of your choice to learn more.