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Codevidhya is an Edtech company highly inspired by technology to facilitate technical education besides contemporary learning. We at Codevidhya, are dedicated to explore new future of young minds through integrating the learning with creativity, sharing and collaboration. We develop the concepts to help understand the future needs, to make the complex learning easy with effective tools and techniques. We are committed to build the theme of new learning blended with learning interests.
We provide a learning environment that works on education empowered with technology and unconditional learning solutions.

To engage in such activities, we have a comprehensive set of plans indispensable to shape the upcoming creators. We have deep insight to make happen, what is impossible today. We believe in making the new generation creator instead of being just a user of technology. And so, we are empowering our new generation to innovate by teaching them coding as 21st Century necessary skill. Our aim is to prepare young generation future ready.

Our Vision

To Create a platform for development of Skillset necessary for tomorrows world.

About Codevidhya Program

About Program

Codevidhya Academic Program is a collaborative program in association with schools to teach 21st Century necessary skills to young generation. Codevidhya offers a well researched Computer Programming curriculum with innovative tools, to schools. The Coding curriculum is designed by experienced IT professionals.


Codevidhya Programming curriculum is designed with Learn By Doing approach. Students start by learning computer programming through Scratch in a fun manner. Codevidhya curriculum includes interactive tools through which students solve the challenges with the help of hints, online resources, coding stuffs and programmers community dedicated to help students to complete their tasks. We know that students are very curious at this age and they love to do things using some kind of tools. And that’s why the students already taking benefit from Codevidhya curriculum are making live projects as early as in Grade 6!

The Codevidhya curriculum includes Scratch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Vector Graphics and more.

Program Duration

Just like the ongoing academic curriculum, the Codevidhya Program is structured to give benefit to students for the whole session. Only the existing computer curriculum is upgraded with Codevidhya curriculum.

Events and Activities

Codevidhya Program includes a lot of activities to keep students focused and motivated in developing amazing things. The activities and events are conducted in throughout the academic session.

Program Includes

Codevidhya Program includes Curriculum Books, Online Tools and Resources, Trainings, Monitoring and Mentoring, Workshops and Events.



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