Are you finding it tricky to come up with new and fun Halloween activities for your kids? Are you planning to spend the Halloweens with your kid? If so, come on in, join the club!

Yes, you got it right. You have plenty to do this Halloween, including getting dressed up for the spooky occasion!

You and your younger one can make matching outfits, or a ghost garland if you’re all crafty. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a more active night, consider a game of Halloween charades, mummy racing, or creating your Halloween-themed obstacle course.

Luckily, Halloween always comes with a plethora of ideas to engage kids. You can consider eerie math activities, goofy sensory bins, pumpkin slime, bat puppets, and other Halloween-themed activities. 

The bonus point is, the majority of these fun Halloween activities can be carried out with items you already have around the house!

Crafty and Fun Halloween Activities For Kids

Trick or treat is usually the center of Halloween, with everyone getting dressed up in a cool costume, going out with a bucket, and not returning until it’s full of Halloween candy. However, for various reasons, we are sometimes required to spend Halloween at home with our kids. If you’re planning on doing the same thing this Halloween, keep the following ideas in mind to make the most of the occasion:

  • Pumpkin Slime

Here’s a simple way to make your kid happy! This Halloween, try making fluffy pumpkin slime. This light, airy slime that’s more fun than anything will enthrall your kid for sure. It’s easy to make and excellent for young hands, with only a few simple ingredients.

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  • Paper spider web

Make parchment paper spiderwebs with your kids to help you decorate for Halloween. Although they appear difficult, this Halloween activity for kids is a simple and enjoyable way to master fundamental cutting skills.

  • Spooky sensory bins

You should try a sensory bin if you want something exciting for your kids. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to keep kids occupied for hours. When you’re finished, snap the cover back on and put it away for another day. Add skeletons and pumpkins to the mix for an extra dose of Halloween excitement.

  • Create costumes

Even if you don’t want to go trick-or-treating this year, you can still have a lovely Halloween celebration at home. Get some sheets and dress up as a ghost for a classic Halloween costume with your kids. Or, dig through the depths of your wardrobe and get a little more inventive.

  • Create scary mummies

Creating mummies is one of the scariest things you can do with your kids. This game, however, will require the use of extra toilet paper. Make teams and choose one person to be the mummy. The rest of the gang is then tasked with wrapping them in toilet paper to resemble a mummy.

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Halloween Games For Kids

To pass the time, you can play creepy games with your kids. With loads of laughter and eerie surprises, these Halloween games for kids will keep the day swinging. Some are designed for kids who are too young to go trick-or-treating, while others might be used for tweens and teens at a Halloween celebration, and there are certainly a couple that the entire family can enjoy. 

Best of all, many of them serve as Halloween crafts, allowing everyone in the family to express their creativity and imagination. While you’re playing these activities, don’t forget to listen to your favorite Halloween songs and eat some of your favorite Halloween treats.

  • Counting Seeds

It’s both a game and a learning experience in one. The children can pick a card paper, place it in the square, and tally how many “seeds” are needed to match the amount. To make it even more pleasing, you can use candies as seeds.

  • Spooky Tic tac toe 

Paint Xs and Os on little pumpkins and use tape to form a tic, tac, toe table on a desk to play this game.

  • Halloween guessing

On a post-it sheet, everyone will write a Halloween sentence. Then, depending on the hints, one person takes a word from the pile (without looking!) and tries to predict what it is.

  • Truth or scares

Truth or Scare is a Halloween-themed game that invites players to answer questions and complete physical challenges. You may even find sets of family-friendly “truth” questions on the Play Party Plan website.

  • Catch the spider

Create a spiderweb on a stack of paper or a piece of cardboard and tape it to a wall to play this traditional game. Give each player a cutting spider with a strip of double-sided tape on the back to pin to the web. Whoever comes the closest to the web’s center wins.

Why Kids Love Halloween? 

Halloween is an old Celtic celebration celebrated in Europe and North America on the last day of harvest. This spooky holiday has a long history dating back over 2,000 years. Trick-or-treating, hosting Halloween costume parties, decorating pumpkins, playing pranks, exploring haunted sites, sharing scary stories, and watching horror flicks are all popular Halloween activities today. 

In general, children enjoy Halloween since it is distinct from other festivals and is full of fun. When parents and kids get together to enjoy Halloween, it’s a lot more fun. It’s all about laughing and doing stupid and terrifying things together.

Final Thoughts before you Start this Halloween

It’s easy to go all out for Halloween, buying eerie decor and outrageous costumes, but celebrating doesn’t have to involve going out. It’s easier to enjoy with kids at home. On a budget, you may partake in all of the festive and sugar-filled activities while having fun with your family. 

Each of these suggestions may be carried out from the comfort of your own home, which is a plus if you’re looking for safe Halloween activities this year. So have a look at this blog and learn some fun Halloween activities to brighten up your day.

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