Hey, parents! Motor skills are one of the few crucial life skills for kids. Developing motor skills in kids will impact and enhance their physical senses to a huge extent.

Let’s read together and understand how we help our kids in developing motor skills.  

Have you ever talked to someone your age who’s also a parent like yourself, with a child your kid’s age? Wait wait ! Don’t put too much strain on your thoughts. I’m sure there’ll be a neighbor, or a mother you bumped into whilst your child’s soccer practice. 

Well, I’ve got one. And do you know what we often discuss? Guess? You got me this time, hurray. We talk about our kids.

I guess that’s what we all do. I’m sure as a parent you must have been through conversations like these: 

“Did your kid start walking already? Oh, no? well mine did.” Or, “my kid has started moving his/her hands, what about yours?”.

Huh! It seems that there is some sort of battle between parents in which they’re all set to out-prove each other’s kids.  The battle of perfection is one in vain. Oh, again this term PERFECT comes into the picture. Everyone wants to be perfect. Right? 

  • Each parent wants to be a perfect parent. 
  • Each kid wants to be a perfect kid. 
  • And each parent wants their kid to be perfect

It’s as if there’s a LOOP. I have seen all three cases. I’m sure you did too. But the third one is the most common everywhere. 

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Even you want your kid to be perfect. I know that this idea of perfection enters your mind from the minute your kid is born.

Is Developing Motor Skills Important for Kids?

The nurturing of your kid is entirely up to you. It depends on how you help them develop their skills. You should know kids must establish their abilities and habits from the beginning

Teaching toddlers how to clap, walk, and play is an integral part of kids’ development. I have seen parents telling their toddlers “clap like this or walk like that.”

These are the BASICS for kids. We call them- Motor skills! 

You must develop motor skills in your toddlers so that they can have a bright future with proper growth. 

In this post, you’ll get an opportunity to know how you can develop motor skills in your kids. Um, wait, let me first ask whether the term ‘motor skills’ is clear to you or not? Because it’ll be hard for you to understand the ways if you won’t get the basic idea. 

Then let’s first have a brief discussion of what it is actually! 

Developing Motor Skills: The Key To Proper Growth

Primary learning is believed to be focused on motor skills.

According to studies, 33–66 percent of everyday activities in normal kindergarten schools in the United States involve fine motor skills such as coloring, pasting, cutting, and sketching.

From the above-written data, you must have got an idea of how significant motor skills are for your kids. Hey, wait, read the below definition to understand better. Don’t rush! 

So, motor skills are the capabilities that allow your kid to do the motions and tasks that he/she accomplishes daily.

For instance, if your kid is 7 months old, he/she must crawl on the floor. That crawling movement can be explained as motor skills. 

There are two types of motor skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills

Fine motor abilities, like holding a fork, necessitate a high degree of influence and accuracy in the small muscles of the hands.  Sounds tough?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to develop these skills in your baby. 

Gross motor skills rely on the body’s vast muscles to provide balance, coordination, reaction time, and physical strength.

It allows your kid to do big actions such as walking and jumping. 

Now you must have realized that without proper motor skills, your kids can’t have balanced growth. 

Let’s have a look at some incredible tips for developing motor skills in your child so that he or she can have a bright future.

5 Amazing Ideas that will Help in Developing Motor Skills

Little head movements, sit-ups, hand movements, or crawling- doesn’t all sound so cute? I mean, watching your kid practice these actions must bring a smile to your face, right? 

If yes, then here are the ways through which you can help your kid adapt these skills fast. 

Make Your Kid Sit On A Walker

I guess it’s the best moment when you find your toddler trying to sit on their own. Now, you can help your kid by providing them with a Walker. 

Yeah, it’s true! It’s an amazing way to teach your kid how to walk. Tell them to catch you so that they can try moving on their own. 

Attract Your Kid With Sounds

I don’t know whether you’re aware or not but sound attracts kids a lot. 

This is the reason why kids love listening to lullabies while sleeping.

So, you can play songs on your mobiles and tell them to dance. It’ll be fun and your kid can learn movements at the same time. 

Give Your Kid A Rattle To Play With

Rattles are made for kids. 

No matter if it’s a boy or girl, your kid will just love it.

I guess it’s the first toy a kid plays with. Right? So why not lure your kid with a rattle? They will try to shake the rattle on their own. 

Motivate Your Kid By Clapping Hands

Kids love to imitate. 

Especially if you are clapping or waving your hands they’ll try to do it like you. If that’s the case then clap in front of them to make them smile and learn movements. They’ll copy you and learn. 

Lure Your Kid With Alphabetical Blocks

Last, but not least, provide them with alphabetical blocks. Well even if they don’t know the words, they can see the blocks and find them attractive. They can try picking those blocks and putting them in different places.  By doing this, your kid can easily learn basic hand movements. 

Use these Tips and Win the Race

Developing motor skills is not hard, is it? I mean it’s not that challenging for sure. The best way for you to foster these and other hand-related skills in your child- is to provide a variety of items. 

Once you’ve given your child the tools to stimulate creativity, just step aside and let them loose (even if things are bound to become a little messy. 

Sometimes it’s good to make a mess with your kids. Especially when it’s going to be helpful. So without wasting your time, try incorporating these tips in your lives to make your kid have proper growth.