Do your students think that they deserve better teachers? This can be a tough place to be in. And if you think you are a boring teacher, then you need to think again.

It’s not about being a boring teacher. Teaching is a difficult job, and you need to understand the teaching techniques that will better your job with time.

It’s quite evident that you play an important role in a school, particularly in the lives of the students. However, teaching isn’t the only aspect of your job. You have to deal with:

  • Nagging colleagues
  • And then stacks of paperwork in the staffroom. 

Isn’t that a lot of work? Although, apart from other related tasks such as checking papers, teaching is a teacher’s primary responsibility.  

Teaching takes on many forms in today’s environment. And nowadays you even have to play the roles of external parent, counselor, mentor, role model, and so on!!!

You must have read this saying:

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.”

Gail Godwin

So how much did you get from this quotation? Well, you must understand that your job is not just about CONTINUOUSLY SPEAKING

Oh is that what you were doing in the classroom? If yes then it’s time to change your way of teaching. 

In this post, you will learn tips to turn your boring classroom into a fun room with lots of learning. So without wasting your time any further let’s get started!! 

Teachers And The Task Of Teaching

You know we’ve all had those days in school when we’d sit in our classrooms and listen to our teachers’ lectures, right?

Do you have any idea how many lessons did students grasp while sitting there?

It’s 1/10. Is that shocking? Now you must be wondering why! 

It’s likely because students can’t listen to someone for a longer duration. Especially for kids, it’s hard to concentrate for a long period.

And what’s the solution for this? You must be thinking how can you make the task of teaching enjoyable?

Read the following tips to know how you can turn your boring classroom into enjoyable learning. 

9 Tips To Make Learning Interesting

You should know that according to studies, about 60% of students believe at least half of their lessons to be boring, with about 30% stating to find most or all of their lessons to be tiresome!!! 

So how can you not be a boring teacher? This is going to be interesting.

Create a happy environment in your classroom. Here are some tips to help you jump ahead in the game.

Let’s go…

Look For Hidden Knowledge Together

You’ve probably heard that pairing up and working together is always a smart idea. Right? Similarly, it is fun, for both students as well as you, to learn new things together. 

Obviously, it is your responsibility to teach kids, but you can also involve kids in the process. How? For instance- Begin looking for hidden truths! 

You must lower your guard, humble yourself, and enjoy the long ride together–even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Laugh Openly At Kids Jokes

You should be aware that kids appreciate those who understand them. So, to brighten their mood, you can start laughing with them at their jokes. Well, how does it sound to you? 

In simple words, to establish a joyful learning environment, you must match the level of the children. 

Stop Lectures, Start Conversations!

It’s hard to understand why teaching has to be so passive? Well, it’s just too boring to listen to someone for a long time.

So you should just stop giving continuous lectures in the classrooms.

Well, it may sound rude. But acknowledge the fact that sometimes even kids want to share their views. So you can just make your classroom interactive by organizing discussions. 

This doesn’t necessarily imply asking more questions, but it does necessitate a shift in style in which you and your students can actively exchange ideas rather than simply replying to them!! 

Review; But No Repetition

You should know that regularly reviewing new material and integrating it into the larger picture shaped by old content is important for learning and remembering. 

For this what you can do is: just spend an hour or two each week revisiting content from the previous few weeks. 

Start Participating

You can take the role of a good teacher who brings materials to class to show students things practically. In this way, kids can have fun and they can understand lessons in better ways. 

As stated above, everyone will be more involved in the task if you get down to their level and actively participate in the activity you assigned to them.

Include Mystery In Learning

When you learn anything new, it’s the most fun. Right? 

So Don’t just broadcast information; shroud it in mystery. Yes, you read it right. Draw attention to the odd, unusual, and one-of-a-kind. Interrogate!!!

Begin with a perplexing detail that can only be answered by delving deep into the subject’s history and thoroughly investigating it.

Set up a mystery at the start of the semester and have your students work on it throughout the semester.

Classroom Games Are Must

We all know that everyone loves games. Don’t you think so? We all know games are another excellent method to keep teachings fresh!

For instance, do you want your kids to remember their spelling words? If yes, then you can arrange a competition in which competitors are eliminated if they misspell a word. 

Have a math bee, which is similar to a spelling bee but with math problems or facts instead of spelling words, if the students need to practice arithmetic. 

Games make learning enjoyable, and games in the classroom are a surefire way to keep kids happy.

Incorporate Technology

Using technology to keep your classes engaging is another wonderful method to make classroom and learning interesting. 

We all know electronics are popular among children, so try incorporating them into your entire teaching method. 

So instead of teaching from the front of the class, use a Smartboard interactive display. Connecting to a classroom in another city or country via videoconferencing can help you expand your cooperative learning activity sessions. 

Keep in mind that when you will use technology in a variety of ways, the level of interest in your classroom will skyrocket. 

Think Unique

Continuous lectures where students sit and take notes never work. It’ll make you

Try out new ideas. Plan activities that allow children to interact with you. Invite a guest speaker, go on a field trip, or bring the classroom outside to learn, for example.

Your students will feel more connected to you if you try something new. You should be aware that the most effective learning comes when students are actively involved.

As a result, when you begin presenting the subject to your children in different methods, they will definitely find it more interesting to learn.

Teachers have been trying out different teaching methods for decades to keep their students engaged and interested in learning.

While some tactics have shown to be ineffective, others have proven to be quite successful!!!!

No one wants to be a boring teacher at all. Try out these 9 tried-and-true methods to make your lesson exciting so that your students are always engaged. You won’t be a boring teacher again and there will be no boring classrooms.


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