Coding Quotient or CQ is something you are going to hear for the very first time. Codevidhya’s CQ is a score that depicts the coding ability of a child.

As we define it, the Coding Quotient is a score that measures an individual’s ability to learn coding concepts, build new products, and discover and debug problems associated with computer programming.

Codevidhya conducts a test that derives the CQ score of a child. The test consists of a set of questions. Our expert trainers and the tech team designed the questions.

The score of these tests can be beneficial while determining the coding ability of a kid. If a kid wants to join a coding class, or take up computer science in the future, then a CQ test can tell them their ability to perceive this subject.

If someone fails to score the designated score that decides their ability, they can surely take our live coding sessions. We are sure they will witness better results.

How can the Coding Quotient Score help a kid?

The main objective of our CQ test is to motivate coding for kids.

We feel that the concept of coding is old. This subject is open to very few students in the world. Schools are not yet facilitated with proper arrangements that will promote coding for kids.

That’s why Codevidhya is doing its part to bring coding classes accessible to every part of the world.

As we introduce CQ, there are several roles that it will play to encourage kids to code.

This score can let students avail various discounts on the courses we provide. If a student achieves an outstanding score on the CQ test, then they can avail of a scholarship on purchasing our course.

Also, this test can be a tool to let kids improve their coding abilities. For those kids who are not sure whether they can be good coders, this test can prove their potential to code. And for those who can code well, can challenge others in the game with this test.


We are innovating new concepts every day to prepare the children for a digital future. Our classes are different for various reasons. After CQ, we recently launched our mindfulness program that ensures the well-being of our students.

Our coding class keeps in mind that students don’t leave the class with any doubts or confusion.

Finally, the concept of the Coding Quotient will help many students and parents to understand the worth of teaching coding to kids. And we believe that more and more students will choose Codevidhya in the future to start learning computer science and learn the most sought-after skill, coding.

Also, Codevidhya owns all the rights of the concept of Coding Quotient.