Teachers can create a huge impact on the overall development of students. After the pandemic, a couple of things have changed in the education sector. Come, let’s see what is the influence of teachers on students.

We all live in a society and are surrounded by many people, some of whom we know while some we don’t. If we ask you who is the closest to you, what would your answer be? 

If we talk about our parents; they guide us and try to be our ideal by positively influencing us. But, other than parents, you have another parental figure as well. 

Do you know who they are? Yes, those of you who think it’s your teachers are right!!! 

It won’t be wrong if we say that your teachers are like second parents to you. This is because teachers watch you develop, teach you the fundamentals, and shape you into a good person.

They are there for you throughout your academic career and assist you in a variety of ways

These guiding forces play a critical part in your holistic and intellectual development from kindergarten to college.

Only one part of the academic experience remains consistent over time: the professors’ collaboration and work, as well as their influence on you.

A teacher is a facilitator who motivates students to reach their full potential. Either by being enthusiastic, demonstrative, or encouraging. Teachers are much more than individuals who are obsessed with maintaining order. 

Teachers may be strict, but it is just for the benefit of their students.

Apart from direct family, teachers have the second greatest impact on children’s lives and act as ‘parents’ while they are at school.

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Importance Of Teachers In Students’ Lives

See, we all know the importance of education in the present time. Teachers are the ones who provide us with all that educational knowledge. They don’t just teach the students what is already there in the books but also teach the right way to behave.

Our teachers play an important role in our lives and it is evident in many ways. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why teachers are important in our life.

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Affect students positively while reading and writing tests

If we look at all the components in a classroom that affect student success, teachers are the most crucial. Teachers have a two to three times greater impact on student reading and test scores than any other school aspect.

They shape our behavior and attitude

An important influence of teachers on students is their ability to shape a students’ attitude and behavior.

Teachers have an impact on students’ lives that extends beyond test scores: they teach them life skills and promote positive attitudes.

Not only that, but different teaching methods and content understanding can have an impact on self-efficacy in specific areas, classroom happiness, and classroom behavior.

They supplement our parents’ teachings

We have our parents to teach us etiquettes and ways to live, but there are situations when our parents are not present. But, we have our teachers to teach us in their absence. So, we can say that our teachers supplement what our parents teach us. 

What Is The Influence Of Teachers On Students?

Have you ever got homework to write an essay on ‘influence of my teacher in my life”?  Teachers have a huge impact on students’ lives, some of which are difficult to quantify outside of individual stories, especially those that are long-lasting. 

The impact of the teachers on student academic performance is frequently assessed to inform policy.

But, for a long time, our understanding of teacher effectiveness failed to encompass the wide range of ways in which teachers influence a student’s life.

Let us have a look at various ways and fields in which our teachers impact our lives.

Teachers help in building self-esteem in students

We all know that many kids have low self-esteem. Self-esteem issues might affect a child’s academic interests and make it difficult for them to participate in class.

Teachers can assist solve this problem once and for all by therapeutically instructing and encouraging kids with grateful pats, praises, personal tutoring, and other tiny benefits like good remarks on homework and other small perks.

When it comes to succeeding in any area of life, self-esteem is essential. It doesn’t take much for a teacher to increase a student’s self-esteem.

They pique out the interest of students in difficult subjects

Many children are picky about particular subjects because they don’t comprehend them or because they are uninteresting to them.

It is the teacher’s role to pique and maintain a student’s interest in a subject. A teacher who helps students overcome scholastic challenges by instilling a passion for certain subjects in them is nothing short of a genius.

Teachers that engage students in activities and employ innovative teaching approaches are guaranteed to succeed in making learning fun for them!

Teachers have a significant impact on pupils in this area.

Teachers become the support system to shape the students

It happens quite often that not all children receive the necessary parental support and direction.

A teacher is not a substitute for a parent, but they may certainly assist a child by providing reassurance and encouraging words, as well as providing extra attention to youngsters in need.

A child’s basic need is to be heard from time to time. When teachers take the time to listen and allow the child to confide in them, they have a huge impact on the child.

They naturally build trust and a link with their students as a result of such an exchange, and this goes a long way toward molding young minds. 

They guide students and help them choose the right career option

We agree that most kids already know what they want to be when they grow up. But, a teacher can help them know whether that option is appropriate for them or not.

The influence of a good teacher on a student during their formative years may have a significant impact on the path they choose.

Teachers play an important role in assisting students in making decisions and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various career options.

This, in turn, has a significant impact on and influences the choices that a youngster makes. As a result, teachers play an important role in assisting students in becoming who they want to be.

Based on the types of learning experiences, students may decide to teach in the future.


We can’t even imagine our lives without our teachers. This is mainly because they are the ones who provide us with the foundation stone to build a career.

Who is going to teach us if not our teachers? Teachers are like our parents who shape our future and help us become good people and have great careers.

We believe that if our teachers do this much on their part, we must treat us with the same respect with which we treat our parents as the influence of a good teacher can never be erased in our lives.

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