What comes to your mind when you think about Mindfulness? Simply put, it’s about bringing awareness to your mind. The concept of mindfulness dates back to thousand years. Monks used to practice meditation, do yoga, etc. And in the 21st century, it is as important as it was back then. Our mindfulness program also aims to perform the same practices for our students.

We are introducing the mindfulness program to bring out the best from our students. This program will make the students more aware of themselves and their surroundings. It will make them fully aware of the present.

The goal of practicing mindfulness is to achieve a state of alert and focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to our thoughts and sensations.

Somehow, everyone is mindful of their own. It is said that when you are training your brain to be mindful, you’re entirely remodeling its physical structure.

But what exactly is Codevidhya’s mindfulness Program? Let’s find out ahead…

Codevidhya’s Mindfulness Program

The mindfulness program by Codevidhya is an active step to make our students aware of their minds and themselves. It’s an active measure to let our students be more confident, focused, and present in the classes.

We shall be conducting mindfulness sessions with our students before every class starts. This will consist of a meditation session that will be conducted by our trainers. The more our students practice this, the more will they be able to pursue what they seek.

We believe a lot that a healthy mind is a key to maintain a healthy life. And that’s why we are so pleased to launch this program with our students. This practice will help the students in every walks of life, and in the long run, it will keep them focused on their respective tracks.

We are hopeful that this mission of ours will be a game-changer for our students. We believe that practicing mindfulness along with coding will take their hopes and desires to a whole new level.

What are the Benefits of this Program?

If we talk about the benefits of our mindfulness program, we must go back to some time in the past to look at its benefits. Thousands of years ago, monks and priests used to meditate for days and months without any breaks. They did this to achieve inner peace, and have full control over their minds.

If we do the same with our kids, they will achieve their inner peace, and be the masters of their minds.

Digging deep into the benefits of being mindful, we have figured out that students can benefit in various ways apart from just achieving inner peace.

Let’s look at these benefits…

1. Increase in Focus

This is one of the most important benefits of our mindfulness program. Meditation makes kids more focused.

The practice of meditation makes a person focus on what they are trying to do at a certain time. It can wipe away any unimportant thoughts from their minds.

Kids nowadays are way too advanced. Many thoughts keep going inside their minds. And it might sometimes affect their studies. They often get distracted while studying or doing any task that needs immense focus.

As we teach coding, this activity needs a lot of focus. They might miss out on important concepts in the class, or they might not complete the tasks given due to a lack of focus.

But a short meditation session before they start coding can make a huge difference. They will surely be able to make more out of their skills.

It’s the enhanced focus that will make them do any coding task in lesser time and with lesser effort.

Here are some most-used meditation apps:

Most used apps for Mindfulness

2. It Relieves Stress

As discussed earlier, kids nowadays always have many things going on inside their minds. Due to which they take in too much stress. It could be due to their studies, their friends, family, and many other things.

But meditation is a skill that helps an individual to manage their stress. It can wipe away a day’s stress within a short period. While meditation is mainly used for relaxation and stress reduction, it can positively affect a kid in his/her well-being.

Less stress means more productivity, and that’s the only thing we need in our classes. Our kids will become more productive and focused, and we can surely use these qualities and make them better at coding.

If you have some sort of bad habit, meditation has the power to cure those as well.

Meditation can Cure

3. Increases Imagination and Creativity

Our coding curriculum gives a lot of importance to a kid’s creativity and imagination. Coding helps a lot to enhance a kid’s creativity and imagination. And with this mindfulness program, we seek to enhance these qualities within our students.

Meditation opens up your mind to new ideas. It opens doors to places where once there seemed to be only a wall. Even a short meditation session can boost a kid’s creativity to a huge extent. Focus, self-awareness, attentiveness, altogether helps to enhance creativity and innovation.

It makes kids solve problems more creatively without thinking much.

4. Increases Patience and Persistence

Patience and persistence are two major life skills that every kid must possess. These qualities help a kid in various walks of life.

In coding, for example, if a student is trying to debug a problem statement, it will take time to solve it. A kid must be prepared to tackle these problems every day if they want to become a successful coder.

This will be only possible if the kid has enough patience and persistence. To simply put this, with the help of meditation, you can become more patient and persistent.

That means you will be better at solving a problem when you think you are going to give up.

These traits will not let you give up on the most difficult situations of your life.

Why people meditate


Building these skills needs practice and patience. Kids will think about various things while meditating. But it is all about practice.

Don’t judge your kid’s meditation skills. It will only stress them out. Instead, let them go with the flow and understand the real essence of this skill themselves.

There are many physical benefits of meditation. It reduces anxiety, depression, heart diseases, insomnia, and much more. But we will discuss these in-depth later on.

Let thoughts pass through your mind without judgment. That’s why focusing your attention is what helps free your mind from the many distractions that cause stress and distractions.

Always remember that there’s no right or wrong way to meditate. What matters is that meditation helps you become more focused, reduce your stress and feel better about yourself overall.