The Scenario

The world has seen a humongous change in the whole ecosystem of the education sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year. More than 300 million students got affected. Mostly due to the closure of schools and colleges. Remote Learning is the only way to choose to get over this social crisis.

Students that got impacted by covid 19

But what is Remote Learning?

This not-so-famous teaching technique never happened before COVID-19 in most parts of the world. So, the transition of the same was very challenging at first.

Adjusting to a new learning ecosystem was challenging in several ways. Improper resources for communication and network availability tops the list of problems.

But if we look deeply into the matter, there are a couple of bright sides that this method has provided.

Students have to care less about their commute. They can direct themselves to their responsibilities.

That’s why we will discuss the better sides of Remote Learning further in this article. It might look bad but has its perks. Also, the question is will there be remote learning in 2021?

Let’s get started.

How Remote Learning came to Light?

Remote learning is the style of learning where the students and educators are not physically present in a conventional classroom setting.

We are using technology to exchange the learning practice. The student and the teachers are present in different locations.

The pandemic left millions of schools and businesses closed due to the lockdowns that came to action as cases of COVID-19 began to rise. Parents could not risk their children’s lives by sending them to school.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, remote learning was not so popular in most parts of the world. It was limited to those students who did not have access to proper transportation to go and learn in physical classrooms.

Students used to opt for Distance Education Programs so that they can learn from the comfort of their homes while also working on some other things.

Use of Digital resources in schools

Due to the rise in problems, Remote Learning became famous.

The Transition to Remote Learning

Since there were no arrangements of remote learning before the pandemic, the government and institutions had no adequate arrangements to conduct remote classes all of a sudden.

But all thanks to the respective authorities, it was not that much of a hassle to arrange the equipment to conduct classes.

The school authorities helped to provide facilities with all the available resources. While on the other hand, parents and guardians helped the students with adequate supplies. So that they can learn and continue their education online from home.

Many children were not privileged enough to afford these technical supplies. In that case, NGOs and other organizations helped these underprivileged students with their supplies.

At first, when the shift was at its peak, authorities tackled the situation with ease. That’s why the transition from classroom learning to remote learning was not that tough.

Apart from the reasons revolving around the COVID-19 outbreak, remote learning was slowly gaining importance over the last few years. This was possible because of the help of investments made by the EdTech firms.

The popularity of remote learning has touched higher skies. Due to these EdTech Companies, online learning found new verticals.

There are endless benefits of these companies as they provide Personalized Live Classes to kids. It also enables students to learn at their own pace. And it increases the accessibility of their resources to the whole world.

These advancements in technology have improved efficiency in our education system.

The Bright Side of Remote Learning

Expansion of Internet with Remote Learning

If we look into the bigger picture, there are tons of advantages of remote learning. Data shows facts that productivity increases when students learn at home.

Remote learning has also expanded the usage of the internet and the usage of remote learning devices.

Internet availability among students

Efficient while Conducting Classes

Remote Learning offers a more customized learning experience. Students can have a better one-to-one interaction with their teachers.

It is also efficient if we look at the money spent to teach and learn.

Because schools or other educational institutions won’t have to pay extra expenses.

There will be lesser expenses because of reduced electricity usage and maintenance.

Better Interaction with Teachers and Parents

Learning remotely increases the diversity of students and teachers. Now teachers from various locations can take classes from anywhere in the world.

This facility provides more access to students who live in particular areas where resources are not adequate.

As more and more offices are choosing the work-from-home culture after the pandemic, it is obvious that parents will get to spend more time with their children.

And so they will understand more of what learning habits the child is more comfortable with.

Students and parents can spend more time with each other during these trying times and parents can get to know their children more. 

student's engagement with remote learning

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Advancements in the IT Sector

Also, at this age, students get access to technology which makes them more advanced. Many doors open up for them to explore.

And recent advancements in the field of remote learning prove that this process of learning will continue.

 New software and applications are introduced every day. It makes this experience better every other day.

Preparing Ourselves for Future Issues

Also, remote learning is important for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that anything can happen anytime.

We must always keep ourselves prepared. In the past year, the schools got closed due to the pandemic.

Many students were unable to adapt to the transition from the classroom to online classes.

It resulted in many student’s loss of nearly two-thirds of a year.

These types of unavoidable global issues require the proper arrangement of remote education.

This will altogether help us fight against any future health crisis. It will also close the gap between students who cannot afford such kind of education.

Altogether, this method will benefit teachers who are not able to showcase their worth due to socio-economic matters.

benefits of remote learning


By now, we are convinced that the future will be accessed remotely. Whether it is a job or studies.

And with the data available, it’s quite possible that remote learning will overtake the concept of schools and colleges.

There are many points to prove this.

As discussed above, remote learning is cost-effective. There might be a cut-down in the surging fees of schools and colleges.

As there are lesser maintenance costs. Several charges will be excluded from the fees that students pay.

Remote Learning is flexible. You can learn at your own pace.

It allows you to take your time and get to it when you are focused. This process will change the system of conventional physical classrooms in the future.

Remote Learning will also build better habits in the students as they will get more personal time to spend.

And last but not least, remote learning will plant digital skills in the students that are required for the future we trying to build.

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