Coding for kids might seem shocking at first but it is increasingly relevant, easy, and much needed. There are several benefits of coding for kids.

Programming opens up several doorways for your child, within their minds, and in the outside world. Some of you might want to know, “What is coding? What is the code for kids?” To put it simply, codes are like any other human language.

Codes are languages that we learn to communicate with computers. Kids can learn it via games, puzzles, online audio-video tutorials, live sessions with personal tutors, and by practicing.

9 Reasons why Coding for Kids and Teens is Important:

1. Coders are in high demand

As per, 71% of new STEM jobs are in computing. However, only 8% of STEM graduates have been employed in Computer Science-focused jobs. This indicates a genuine and major shortage in CS majors that your child can fill in and take advantage of. It is important to note that CS majors can earn 40% more than any other college graduate!

Top STEM Jobs

Your child learning to code will increase their opportunities to secure an amazing and sought-after STEM career that has endless opportunities.

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It is important to keep in mind that the future is tech, and as everything moves in that direction, more people are required to enable this tech world. Your child can be the one to do so. It is therefore an integral skill that everyone will have to learn in the future.

Coding for kids will benefit the newer generation a lot by teaching them skills of the future. And in the past decade, coding classes for kids from different EdTech companies have made it possible for parents to make their kids learn to code.

Coding Toys for kids like puzzles and Legos create a huge impact on overall brain development for kids. These toys activate certain brain areas that improve a kid’s ability to learn and grasp critical problems.

Keep reading to know how coding helps in problem-solving.

No wonder India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has made Coding a mandatory subject for children in grades 6 and above. Hop onto the ‘Coding For Kids’ train before it leaves the station! However, there is more news for you.

National Education Policy 2020

2. Coding for kids gives them a competitive edge.

As you now know, coding is a hot skill. Like any other language, it gives children a competitive advantage in their respective fields. Coding makes children a much more attractive candidate in front of college admission committees and employers.

Coding is a highly beneficial skill that will soon be required by all jobs.

Statistics state that over 65% of the current younger generation will soon be employed in jobs that currently do not exist. This is due to the acceleration in economies and changing technology.

Once your kid learns coding young, it becomes a part of his natural mindset.

jobs that don't exist yet

This level of skill, knowledge, and comfort will prepare them for their rapidly changing tech-induced future. The current trend is such that kids are still in traditional education.

Those that move into it earlier, will be better at it and more inclined towards it. Your child programming now will give them a competitive edge forever.

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3. Coding is fun and satisfying

A regular question is, “Is coding fun?” Of course, it is! It might sound “nerdy”, but nerdy is the new “cool”. Look at Silicone Valley! Wasn’t Steve Jobs cool? Programming is logic-based, and also really creative. It is us as humans communicating with computers.

Once you learn the language you can design your apps, video games, websites, and anything under the sun that involves code.

This involves something as basic as graphics too. The creative options are endless. Kids can learn coding as an after-school activity in a stress-free environment such as their home. Online courses save their time and energy, and they’re super convenient if in-person classes are a difficult option.

Online courses teach coding in the form of easy and fun quizzes, puzzles, and live tutoring sessions with a private teacher. Interactive sessions are super fun, and your child can have a mentor that resolves their issues as soon as the doubt appears in their minds.

Minecraft and Roblox are the top 2 best examples of how kids learn coding from games.

4. Coding improves creativity

Of the many benefits of coding for kids, is the potential of increasing their creativity levels. Learning a language improves brain functions and cognitive abilities. Kids essentially learn how to express themselves in code. This widens their horizons.

Cognitive Skill

Scratch is the most basic platform via which kids learn how to write code. It has several blocks that each have a code. Students must fit the blocks together, to match the right code with each one. Only the appropriate blocks they pick fit together.

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Such a platform is super beneficial for kids. As they learn the basic code languages, they can move to more advanced codes such as JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, and Python. This moves kids from the ‘Consumers of Technology’ to the ‘Makers of Technology’.

They are enabled to make websites, apps, graphics, videos, games – just about anything under the sun that requires coding.

5. Coding improves problem-solving

Similarly, when kids code they solve complex problems with basic components of codes. They use different components of codes to write a set of codes. These instructions make a computer function with ease and instill in your child a logical bent of mind.

Computational thinking is key, and because of learning code, your child can now solve everyday problems with ease. This goes for all the aspects of their life such as school, working with teams in workspaces, and so on!

6. Coding improves persistence

Persistence is important for kids because kids need to drive and motivation to achieve their goals in life. Instilling the spirit of determination and dedication. Learning a new language is challenging, and the sense of fulfillment that follows after you figure it out is very satisfying.

Determination is a key life skill that goes a long way.

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7. Coding improves collaboration

Kids learn about the different approaches with which people have to code. When they upload their creations to coding platforms, they can connect with a community of young coders like them and learn more.

They learn to look at the value and perspective that people bring to the table. This builds common interests, an empathetic understanding of life, and a spirit of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Be it digital classrooms or interactive sessions with personal tutors, children learn the spirit of collaboration which makes them good leaders and team players in the long term. They ask questions, find solutions together, and form creative content to achieve a goal. They give feedback and receive it to improve themselves.

One such learning-based game is Minecraft. Minecraft coding for kids has several features in it which help our #YoungKeenCoders develop collaboration and participation with international players.

minecraft for kids

8. Coding for Kids also Improves Communication

Additionally, another of the many benefits of learning to code for kids involves great communication skills. In school, work, and personal life – good communication skills is a major key. Since coding is essentially a language, kids learn how to express themselves in it. They understand how languages work better, and the nuances of it.

communication skills

Kids break down complex sentences into simpler units. They identify these units and understand how they interact with each other. These principles are picked up by their brain which inculcates this understanding in all the languages they speak.

Communication skills are a key factor in being an effective leader, team member, friend, family member, and overall human being.

9. Coding For Kids Enables High Concentration and Focus Levels

Lastly, long-lasting concentration and focus are built with coding. This has got to be one of the best benefits of coding for kids since powerful focus leads to good retention power. Kids become deep thinkers, understand basics, build complex ideas with the basics, and so on.

Kids will get in the flow of cracking codes, creating new ones, and executing them with ease. The sense of satisfaction this gives them additionally helps build their prolonged interest in it.

Coding requires critical thinking and a computational bent of mind which develops high concentration and focus levels in them.

The benefit of coding for kids is an overflowing cornucopia – Just like the one from the Hunger Games movie series. It’s all about running to the cornucopia to get the needed resources!

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