We are all aware that we live in a tech-savvy world. And as the role of technology has grown, coding skills have become more crucial. But are you aware of how you use coding in your day to day life?

Most of you believe that coding is only essential for those with a computer interest. Right? Well, I’ve heard a lot many people saying: 

Why should I learn to code? What does it have to do with me? Computers aren’t even something I’m interested in.”

You must understand that coding isn’t usually associated with computers. Yes, you read that correctly!!! 

Also, each of us needs to know how to code. Why? Okay, answer this question: Have you ever considered how your bathroom shower actually works? 

Well, that is, of course, due to code!!!! 

“Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Steve Jobs

You should know that: Coding is all around us in our daily lives. Now Is it like you’re puzzled as to how? 

Let’s take an example: 

  • Do you prefer hot baths? 
  • Or Do you love salads so much that you even want them during winters?

You’re probably wondering why I asked these questions. Am I Right? Well because both of the things necessitate coding!!! 

I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how many gadgets and frameworks in your daily life are influenced by computer code. Hence read forward to know all about it. 

Coding At Your Home

As mentioned earlier, your will use coding in your day-to-day life a lot. And It can adapt to any situation. 

It’s quite apparent that technology has had a significant impact on how everything works in recent years. For instance, Long working hours and manual labor have been replaced by computers, which have made work faster, safer, and more reliable. 

Hence, It has become necessary for you all to master the computer language known as coding. You should know that coding has modified traditional technology and made it code-ready in every way. 

The following is a list of real-life shocking examples of how programming has changed our lives positively.

Washing Machine At Your Home

So, tell me, do you enjoy doing laundry? Well, I assume you don’t, which is why you prefer to use the washing machine, correct?

I guess you should be grateful for the code because it has made domestic duties much easier. To put it another way, a computer-driven washing machine saves you time and energy

Isn’t it amazing? 

Modern washing machines’ computerized “brains” are programmed to monitor:

  • Load weight
  • Change water allocation accordingly
  • And determine the required speed based on the cycle’s stage.

Well, were you aware of this? I’m sure you weren’t! Let’s read the next one. 

Carpets At Your Home

I’m sure you all have carpets in your homes right? And that many of you have just begun to use tufted carpets as well. But do you have any idea how it’s manufactured?

It is, after all, factory-made, with computers controlling the thickness, length, and pattern of the floor covering!!

Were you aware of it??? I’m sure you weren’t!

Well from manufacturing the backing to shearing the completed product, lines of code regulate the entire operation.

See you have items at your home which are manufactured with the help of coding. Now, do you think coding is only for people who are interested in computers? Let’s have a look at a few more examples. 

Coffee Machine At Your Home

Now, I’m sure you love having a cup of coffee in the morning. If you answered yes, you must have a coffee machine at home, right?

Well, guess what I’m about to say? Yes, you are correct in your assumption!!! 

So When you preset your coffee maker to start at a specific time each morning, you are triggering an action. Yes, you got it right! 

You should be aware that microcontrollers and embedded systems are used in most of these basic devices to perform simple tasks! These tasks include-

  • starting a timer
  • using a low-level coding language pre-programmed into the machine’s memory.

Smart Bulbs At Your Home

Isn’t it true that smart bulbs resemble regular bulbs? But then why do we call it ‘Smart’? Do you have any ideas?

You must be knowing that they can frequently link to your smartphone wirelessly.

And that they are a smart energy-efficient inclusion to modern homes and workplaces, with features such as changing color, turning on or off depending on a preset, and wireless management remotely over the internet. 

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? But what’s the secret behind it? Yes, it’s coding. 

Thanks to programming you can connect your smart light bulbs to other top smart home gadgets so that when you unlock your door, the lights turn on, and when you leave, your smart lights turn on and off at random to give the impression that someone is home.

Well, coding is present not just at your homes but even when you walk out of your houses. Yes! Let’s see how and where! 

Coding Outside Your Home

You must grasp that coding is about instructing a machine what to do and how to execute it. And there aren’t many aspects of our daily lives that aren’t influenced by computer programming.

Let’s take a look at what you’ve been ignoring outside your home up to this point.

Traffic Lights At Roads

I’m sure you’ve seen a traffic signal. But have you ever been curious about how it works? 

You should know that the majority of traffic signals are programmed to detect and adjust to changes in traffic flow, allowing cars and pedestrians at crosswalks to proceed quickly. 

Also, Often, these traffic lights, also known as traffic-actuated signals, are equipped with:

  • A detector
  • A controller unit
  • A and signal heads 

that is programmed to determine the number of cars or pedestrians present and schedule each traffic cycle accordingly. 

Was it shocking for you after ? Let’s see what else is engaged with coding. 


Isn’t it true that we’ve all been in an elevator? Have you ever been caught between two elevator doors? Well, that may sound funny, but I have. 

And then what happens? It reopens and you get a chance to enter the lift, right? But how and why is this so?

Again, it’s coding in your day-to-day life! Modern elevators would not have automated doors to sense whether something or someone is blocking the door, or send you to the correct floor based on which buttons are hit if they did not have a little computer.


John: Alexa Play song ‘Perfect’

Alexa: Playing! 

Isn’t Alexa something exceptional? I mean, she responds in a human-like manner. It appears to be very realistic and full of emotions. 

But have you ever wondered what lies behind Alexa’s surface? I mean do you have any idea, how does it work?

Well, Coding plays a significant role here again! Alexa is built on natural language processing, which is a means of converting speech into words, sounds, and concepts.

So yes it is all controlled by coding! Isn’t it surprising that coding is everywhere?

Bottom Line

You must have realized by now the use of coding in your day-to-day life, not only at home but also in your everyday life outside of your home. 

It sounds surprising but every time you go out your front door, you unwittingly engage with programming. In today’s environment, programming can be found on the street, at work, and even in the home. 

Hence, it has become necessary for you to get in touch with coding.

There are many online platforms available where you can start learning to code. Codevidhya is such a platform where you can attend even live coding sessions to learn to program.

The use of coding in your day-to-day life will never stop as this domain will keep advancing with time.