It is undoubtedly prevalent to say that the IT industry is the most job-oriented in this digital world. For those who want to make a career in coding, this is the perfect industry to land.

Many of us will agree that the IT industry will create the most job opportunities in the future. As we know, the ability to write code is the prime skill to possess in this industry.

That’s why having a firm hold over a popular coding language is very important. That too, for someone seeking a career in coding. So let’s decode, is coding a good career”?

Is Career in Coding a Good Choice?

If we look at the current IT ecosystem, it’s evident that a career in coding is a huge benefit for job-seekers in the future. There is a huge amount of career options that relate to computer coding.

The median salary of IT guys is higher than those of other job domains.

It is easier to learn if someone is really into it and invests some time to learn it. And last but not the least, the plethora of jobs it creates is never-ending. 

Let’s dive deeper to look out for the facts that make coding a great career.

Versatile Opportunities in Career in Coding

As a career opportunity in coding, there are so many profiles an individual can choose from. With the advances in technologies, demand for coding jobs has also touched newer heights.

If a student graduates with ample knowledge in computer science and coding, he/she can apply for various programming job profiles. Such as Software engineers, Data scientists, AI and ML Experts, Big Data engineers, etc.

A good computer programmer will never struggle with finding a proper career in coding.

Some other Career Options:

  • Applications Architect
  • Cyber Security Expert
  • Cloud-computing Analyst
  • DevOps Specialist
  • Embedded Applications Developer
  • Website Developer

Future Career Options in IT

Also, it’s easy to make the transition through different programming jobs. Say that you’re a Software Engineer and you want to become a Data Analyst. All you need to learn is the basic concepts of the job, hands-on experience of the domain and you are good to go.

Likewise, you can transit through different domains throughout your career. This will help the individual to learn different languages and concepts.

Well-justified Salary

If we look into the salary trends of officials whose jobs are associated with computer coding in the US, a software engineer earns around $110k a year.

Whereas, a software engineer in Switzerland earns more than $80k a year. However, the numbers can vary according to the region, skills, and experience.

Salary Trends in the IT Industry

Having a job in the IT sector is truly beneficial for everyone who aspires to become a great coder someday. It will teach the professionals about the digital world and let them create their technology with the help of their ideas and coding abilities.

Easy to Learn

Learning a new skill might seem tiresome, but it won’t look much tiring if it is done with interest. Learning a new computer language is easier than learning a spoken language.

We have multiple resources available over the internet. one can learn and master a new coding language easily. It does not take much time and effort, all it takes is dedication, persistence, and commitment.

Once you learn a coding language, you can easily learn other languages and apply your ideas to see those ideas come to life.

A never-ending profession

According to professionals, coding will never become obsolete. As long as humans use computers to solve problems or create products, there will be coding. New languages will come, old ones will die but they will never stop.

Older versions will get updates, they will evolve, syntax might change, the overall code also might change but coding will never become obsolete as long as technology is alive.

A Career in Coding: Things to Know for Kids at an Elementary Level

While kids nowadays are attached to smartphones and computers. Playing games, clicking pictures, watching videos, and listening to music, they barely know how they work and function internally.

When we press a button in our systems, we do not see how the command gets executed. All of these commands are executed through pieces of code written inside the application.

These lines of code work together to make an application operatable.

Working of a computer program

Understanding the working of these commands can be interesting for young kids. As they are keener on learning new things, they will engage themselves more to learn things that they always use.

Before turning to adults, kids’ brains have better development capacity. It means that they will learn these things more easily than adults.

If we teach kids coding from an elementary level, they will prepare themselves for their future careers. They won’t have to suddenly learn a language after going to college.

Learning at this age would help them have a basic knowledge of how computers and smartphones work and later, it will be easier for them when it comes to making an application or a website on their own.

Learning and working with complex coding languages will not be that easy for a kid, that’s why different coding languages are made for kids of different age groups.

These languages will help them build better problem-solving abilities, open up their minds, and make them able to think of newer ideas and innovate their products.

An Approach for Young Kids

Block-based coding platforms are a great solution for these young minds. For example, Scratch Coding language is a Visual Computer Programming Language with a child-friendly interface.

With the help of our Scratch Coding Sessions, a child will have enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities. A child will develop Conceptual and Computational Skills. Using the simple yet powerful Building Block Approach made it possible.

To teach kids concepts of coding, block-based coding is a good start to make them ready to achieve a career in coding. As they grow up and enter high school, they can understand the basics of more complex languages like HTML, CSS, and Python.

It will help them in the future when they get admission to the colleges.

For a newbie, it will be difficult to learn advanced coding languages from scratch in the first go. That’s why learning these languages at a younger age will help them in colleges in the future.

Working of a Program

Building Projects Early

While working in the industry, knowing a language is not enough. Having several projects related to the languages you know can be a huge advantage. It will show your practical hold over your coding skills.

These projects let the employers put you a step ahead during any recruitment process.

For example, a kid can build interactive visual projects using Scratch, when they master them, they can move ahead to build websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Furthermore, a student pursuing graduation can build more complex projects. If they use Java and C++, it will require knowledge of advanced methods and functions. And this knowledge can be used to build better games, web applications, and mobile applications.

As a student continues to make projects of their own, it helps them to achieve a tough grasp over the working of computers and coding. As you code, you learn and you prosper.

(Have a look at the projects built by our students here)

A Career in Coding: Some of the Best Career Options

As discussed above, there are numerous career options that your kids can choose from. You just need to know which domain they are interested in most.

Let’s have a detailed look over some of the best career options if your kid wants to pursue a career in coding.

Software Developer

This is one of the most famous career choices for the ones who choose coding as a career. A Software Developer usually builds a stand-alone application or a web application. It requires a lot of skill and practice to make such softwares.

The building process starts from designing the front-end that shows the visual representation of the application. When the front-end is ready, the back-end work starts. The back-end includes connecting the application with the database and the server.

The work of a software developer is not limited to just building the application, but it also includes adding updates, testing, and research throughout the production process.

Writing efficient code so that the program works without any hassle, working with UI/UX designers, and much more. This job profile is really interesting and well-paid.

Data Scientist

With advanced studies in AI and Machine Learning, there’s a spike in users of the internet all over the world. Also, data is something from which we can gain lots of insights about content that the users want and how they want it.

The principal role of a data scientist revolves around analyzing data, processing them, and interpreting the results to create actionable plans for companies and other organizations.

A data Scientist must be good at coding along with mathematics and statistics. They use both technology and social behaviors to manage and execute the decision-making process for a company.

The work includes arranging unstructured data from smart devices, social media feeds and, emails. The most important skills to become a data scientist are as follows:

  • Coding
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical analysis


This might not seem an obvious career choice for those who learn to code, but Robotics use coding a lot. Making physical products and robots using micro-chips like RaspberryPi or Adruino, coding is the most required skill to know.

One can make a robot with these chips and link a mobile application with it to control it remotely.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is also a great domain where one can learn to control hardware devices with smartphones and remotes through the internet and sensors.


Winding up, choosing to learn to code, and taking it up as a career is a great choice for everyone, coming from different walks of life. Coding helps students in different circles of their personalities.

It develops their problem-solving skills, communication skills, encourages entrepreneurship, and overall makes the student smart and successful in their career.

That’s one of the Codevidhya‘s missions. To make every student in the world digitally literate by teaching students from the age of 6 to code with our online courses.

You can Book a Free Coding Class for your child to see how they can use coding to help progress in their various walks of life.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the average salary for people who do coding?

In the domain of coding, there are several job opportunities. People who code usually make a good income, but this is based on several factors. For different roles and levels of expertise, the pay plans fluctuate. Another element that may affect your compensation is the number of coding languages you know. An entry-level coder may hope to pay $50,000 on average.

  • Why is the coding skill necessary to be a data scientist?

Python is the most prevalent coding language required in data science jobs, however, other programming languages such as Perl, C/C++, SQL, and Java are also necessary. Data scientists can use these programming languages to arrange unstructured datasets.

  • How much time will it take to learn to code for a beginner?

Learning the basics of coding usually takes 3 to 6 months. Depending on your aptitude, you might learn coding faster or slower.

  • Which is a better career option: blockchain or software developer? 

 If you know how to code, you can succeed in either field. This is due to the following factors:

    • Higher-than-usual salaries
    • Competitive and very creative perks
    • Job security
    • Higher quality of life
  • How can coding improve career prospects?

Coding is a valuable skill in the modern environment, and it is likely to become even more so in the future. Since technology is evolving and the industry requires more and more people with these skills, there will be a high demand for this skill in the future.